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Our Men's bible study meets every Monday night at 7:00pm in our building adjacent to the Main Church.  Please feel free to join each Monday as they journey through scripture and life.

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Are you living a life with purpose, or simply going through the motions?

As Christian men, our priorities are challenged  daily. Our time is so torn between work obligations, family, and social  responsibilities that our faith is often the first to suffer. Before we  even realize it, Christ has taken a backseat  to the world.  If you’ve found yourself in this cycle, I’ve got good news.

  1. Brother, you’re not alone.

  2. There’s a better way.

The Man UP! Conference was created with you in  mind. The man that wants to better lead his family and circle. The man  that wants to be a world-changer. The man that wants to live a life with  purpose – on purpose!

Your journey begins May 14!

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